About Your Tree Service Contractors in the Tampa Bay Area

Founded in 1978 by Jerry Upcavage, Independent Tree Service, Inc. began to provide the Tampa Bay area with high-quality tree work with a focus on correct arboricultural technique and proper safety standards. Over the last thirty-nine years, Independent Tree Service has grown to be recognized as one of the area’s premier tree care specialists.

Trusted by thousands of home and businesses owners since its founding, Independent Tree Service continues to be the best the area has to offer by staying at the forefront of current ISA standards and practices.
In 2012, Independent Tree Service welcomed the addition of Jordan Upcavage as vice-president. Jordan is the son of Independent Tree Service’s President Jerry Upcavage. Jordan graduated from Florida State with his degree in Arboriculture, and is currently on the state board of the ISA. Together they continue to provide the best arboriculture care available.
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Our Safety Standards

Fully licensed and insured, our dedication to safety is unequaled. We use 100% of the required OSHA and ANSI approved safety equipment and inspect it daily.
Knowledge is the key to hazard prevention. With Independent, you can rest assured that every possible precaution is taken for the safety of our personnel and your property.
Experience, equipment, and skill of labor make the difference

Independent Tree Service has the necessary equipment needed to professionally handle jobs of any size or difficulty.
We know that proper equipment is key to both safety and productivity within the tree care industry. Because of this, Independent Tree Service’s fleet is steadily growing with each year. We have all the necessary equipment to provide you with any service your home or business may need.

Our employees are constantly receiving training; from proper technique, to the latest practices, we make it our duty to stay at the forefront of today's arboriculture industry. We believe that your satisfaction is reliant upon our knowledge. Because of this, Independent Tree Service devotes substantial resources to the development of our crews in arboricultural knowledge and safety training.

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