Residential And Commercial Services

  • Tree & Shrub Trimming
  • Pre-Construction Tree Assessments
  • Tree Preservation Recommendations
  • Root Pruning
  • Cabling
  • Tree & Stump Removal

Tree Trimming

Our Certified Arborists are trained to know exactly what your trees need. Years of experience, and continued education in this field are what make Independent Tree Service stand above the rest.

Trees periodically need to be trimmed not only to shape, but also to remove dead and decayed branches. Low branches that touch your roof or the sides of your home also need to be kept in check.

Theses services not only help to protect your property, but also beautify your home at the same time.

We have the personnel, the training, and the specialized equipment to see to all your needs.

Protecting Your Trees

Are you putting in a swimming pool? Are you finally building your dream home, or adding on to an existing home.

Any construction on or around your trees can cause serious damage and sometime be deadly to your trees. The damage may not show up right away, but in time it will, and the death of your favorite tree could be the result.

Your trees need protection before construction begins.

Our Certified Arborists know exactly what needs to be done.

We can tell you where your tree protection zone should begin and end.

What limbs need to be removed or trimmed so that construction equipment does not damage or rip the limbs. Is root pruning needed, and if so where.

Independent Tree Service wants to make sure your trees not only survive construction, but continue to provide you with their beauty and shade for many years to come.

Tree and Stump Removal

Some removals are very simple while others are extremely complex, requiring
bucket truck crews and cranes. Independent Tree Service has all the necessary
equipment and the certified arborists, to make sure that your removal is done safely
and properly.

Sometimes trees needs to be removed for the obvious reasons. The tree may be
dead or dying, the tree may have fallen on a structure or roadway or may have been
severely damaged during a storm. When the tree becomes a danger its an easy
decision to remove it.

Other times the decision is not as easy, and only after we have done everything
possible to prolong the life of the tree but it continues to fail, possibly from disease, a
lightning strike or a number of other reasons, the decision to remove it becomes