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The Storm Season Gridlock and How to Avoid It

Storm Season Gridlock?

An unfortunate part of living in the beautiful state of Florida is our annual storm season between the months of November through February. Heavy rains and high winds can lead to many forms of structural failures within urban trees. Often times leading to costly property damage and safety concerns.

During this season, many tree companies become very busy with calls from property owners looking to resolve sudden issues with their trees that occurred during a recent storm or hurricane. This can lead to delays in response time to the customer by days, weeks, or even months, depending on the size of the area affected, and the level of damage sustained. The high volume of calls, plus the limitations of the companies to keep up with the overwhelming demand, leads to a sort of "gridlock" between tree companies and the customer.

So, How Do I Avoid The Gridlock?

The best way to avoid becoming a part of the post-storm rush is routine maintenance before the storm season approaches. Having your trees routinely serviced by tree care professionals increases the health, structure, and the tree's ability to withstand our storm season without major failures. And while nothing can make your trees "bulletproof", routine service will greatly reduce the likelihood of you becoming a part of the gridlock during the season.


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