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Root Pruning & Air Spading

Is your driveway, patio, or building foundation cracking or lifting due to a nearby tree? Trees are sometimes planted too close to a structure. Over time, the root system can begin to push through or under virtually anything in its path. This can lead to very costly repairs on your home, your driveway, or sidewalk.

Root pruning provides root control by mechanically severing offending roots with a root-pruning machine. This allows the deeper roots to continue their natural path, yet keeps your structures safe while minimizing trauma to the tree.

Air spading (also known as "air knifing") is a soil excavating tool used when the tree is located too close to a structure to mechanically root prune. The spade uses a stream of compressed air to safely excavate the soil around the trouble area of the root system. The compressed air does not damage the root system or the surrounding utilities beneath the soil, yet creates an open channel that allows us to identify and strategically remove only the root or roots that are causing the problem.

Team member using air spading equipment
Team member cutting roots after air spade excavation
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