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Tree Pruning & Maintenance

Our Certified Arborists are trained to know exactly what your trees need. Years of experience, and continued education in this field are what make Independent Tree Service stand above the rest.

Trees periodically need to be trimmed not only to shape, but also to remove dead, dying, or low branches near your roof or home to reduce the likelihood of damage to your structure. These services not only help to protect your property, but also beautify your home at the same time.


Additionally, young and adolescent trees benefit greatly from a pruning concept known as "Structural Pruning". Structurally pruning a young tree improves it's long-term success by encouraging the tree to grow in a manner that more closely mimics how it would in a natural forested environment. 

For more information about Structural Pruning and its benefits, visit our Educational Series on this topic

Here: Structural Pruning Education

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