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OTC Palm Injections

Certain varieties of palms in Florida are at risk of contracting a deadly disease called Lethal Bronzing. Palms infected with this disease go into rapid decline and often die completely in a short period of time. OTC (oxytetracycline) injections offer a preventative measure for your palms to greatly reduce the risk of infection. 

For more information on Lethal Bronzing, visit the University of Florida's website at the link below..


Tree Fertilization

Unlike trees located in their natural forested setting, urban trees can need supplemental fertilization to replenish nutrients in the soil. The breakdown of leaf litter and fallen debris does not occur in the urban environment. Because of this, nutrient deficiencies within the soil often occur. The combined factors of soil compaction, the presence of turf grass, and poor soil aeration further contribute to the stresses of urban trees. Our Certified Arborists can prescribe a custom fertilization program to ensure optimal tree health.

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