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Lightning Protection

Living with storms is a big part of being a Floridian. Our afternoon showers bring an unusual amount of lightning with them that can affect the health of your cherished trees. A single strike can bring a healthy tree to the edge of death within weeks to months, often due to compounding stresses such as disease or insect damage.

Additionally, the extreme forces that occur during a lightning strike can cause immediate structural damage to the tree's branches and leaders. This can create safety hazards to people and structures surrounding the immediate area. 


Lightning protection systems installed in a tree's canopy can direct the high voltages of lightning down the copper conductor and down to the designated grounding rod.  This keeps the electrical charge away from the tree itself, preserving your tree from the severe damage.

Prime candidates of lighting protection systems are high value trees, trees located near buildings, the tallest tree in the group, or trees with a high level of exposure.

Lightning protection system grounding rod installed
Lightning protection system grounding cable in trench
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