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Pre-Construction Tree Assessments 

Are you putting in a swimming pool? Are you finally building your dream home, or adding on to an existing home?

Any construction around root zones can cause serious damage and can even be deadly to your trees. Root damage and soil compaction are just a couple examples of the common threats that arise during construction. The damage may not show up right away, but in time it will, and the death of your favorite tree could be the result. But if you save the roots, you save the trees!

The root zones of your trees need protection before construction begins.

Our Certified Arborists know exactly what needs to be done. We can tell you where your tree root protection zone should begin and end, what limbs need to be removed or trimmed so that construction equipment does not damage limbs, or root systems, and if root pruning is necessary.

Independent Tree Service wants to make sure your trees not only survive construction, but continue to provide you with their beauty and shade for many years to come. Call to schedule your tree assessment today!

Image of tree barricades at a home
Inage of tree barricades on construction site
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