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Mature Trees Need Annual Monitoring

Arborist climbing a mature Live Oak tree.

Much like you and I, as trees begin to age they often lose much of the natural vigor and energy they once had in their youth. Common issues that were once relatively easy for us to recover from, slowly become longer-lasting and potentially problematic concerns. Those nagging colds that seem to hang around too long. The surgery from your 20's that keeps acting up these days. Trees face similar issues as they reach maturity. And just like you and I tend to see the doctor a bit more than we used to, it's important that your mature trees do too.

Mature trees tend to face a number of potential concerns. Stress fractures from over-extended and over-developed lateral branches, internal decay from previous wounds, wood-boring insects or disease, root issues from soil compaction... these are just a few of the most common problems we see in trees as they age. And many of these issues can lead to a steady and rapid decline in plant health.

Identifying and taking the correct measures in a timely manner is key to preserving the tree and reducing the risk of potential structural failure or canopy decline. And annual monitoring by an ISA certified arborist is the best way to make sure your trees receive the best care possible.

What exactly is "annual monitoring"?

Often times a monitoring session is a brief visit from an ISA certified arborist to your property to conduct a visual inspection. Here the arborist will take note of any current issues of concern, decide if further action is currently needed, and recommend a long-term plan for the tree or trees moving forward.

If the trees are in good shape, the arborist will recommend no action be taken at the time. If the arborist finds cause for concern, he or she will recommend a treatment plan tailored to your tree's specific needs. This may include weight reduction and structural support for large leaders, or soil aeration and root invigoration for trees in decline. The arborist will be able to properly diagnose and create a custom treatment plan just right for you and your trees.

"My trees look healthy, do I really need monitoring every year?"

The straight answer is "yes". Annual monitoring allows there to be a yearly snapshot of the progress of the tree's over all health. Some issues are easily noticeable, others require a trained eye and time. Having your mature trees monitored - especially by the same arborist - allows the arborist to keep track of potentially subtle changes in the plant's health. This leads to faster response times to potential concerns before they become big problems.

If you would like to have one of our ISA certified arborists come to your property for an inspection, we'd be happy to help! Call us at (813) 971-6217 or click the link below to set up a consultation!


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