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Lightning Protection at the Moseley Homestead Restoration Project

This year Independent Tree Service, Inc. was proud to work with Timberly Trust, Inc. on the Moseley Homestead Restoration project in Brandon FL by installing a lightning protection system in the home's neighboring Grand Live Oak.

The Moseley Homestead

Established in 1886, the Mosely homestead was founded by successful businessman Charles Scott and wife Julia Daniels Moseley after relocating to Florida from Illinois. For over 130 years, this home remained occupied and in the family's possession until the passing of Charles and Julia's granddaughter in 2020. Located right in the heart of the Limona area of Brandon FL, this once secluded piece of land now sits right in the middle of a bustling urban environment.

In 1986, this beautiful 15 acre lakefront property was added to the US National Registry of Historic Places as a symbol of one of Florida's historic landmarks. And today, ongoing efforts by Timberly Trust, in conjunction with the state of Florida, are underway to preserve this important homestead for generations to come.

We greatly thank all involved for allowing us to be a part of this outstanding historical project!


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